See Android compatibility notes.

Initial Setup

  • Because you are installing an app from a location other than the Google Play store, you need to enable Installing apps from unknown sources. See these Instructions.
  • Install a file manager such as File Manager ES, if you do not already have one.


Download the current version of SEAiq Pilot for Android.


There are several methods to install the app.

  • On some Android devices, you may be able to install SEAiq directly from the Android web browser.
  • Visit this location on your device to and tap on SEAiq_XXXX_Android.apk file to start downloading.
  • If asked, choose to download using your file manager and wait for the download to complete.
  • Using your file manager select the file and choose to install it on your device.

Activate Enterprise Account

Activate your Enterprise account by copying your account activation file into into the Documents/SEAiq folder using your file manager. Then go to the Charts tab in SEAiq Pilot and press the Import button next to the file.

Installing Charts

If you use charts from NOAA, PRIMAR, or Chartworld, you can use the built-in chart download and update features. You can install new charts in the Documents/SEAiq folder using your file manager app.