Important: iPad/iPhone users and IOS 11

Some users who have upgraded to IOS 11 report trouble connecting to WiFi devices. It is not clear the cause of the issue and it appears only some users are affected. We will post updates here as we learn more. Until we announce otherwise, we recommend all SEAiq users remain with their current version of IOS and not upgrade to IOS 11. For more information please visit this page.

IOS 11 WiFi Issues (Last Updated 14 Nov 2017)

Update (14 Nov 2017): We are no longer receiving reports of these issues with IOS 11. Apple is currently at release IOS 11.1.1. If you are having problems with IOS 11, please follow suggested resolutions below and contact us if the problem not resolved.

Update (9 Oct 2017): Several users with who had WiFi problems with IOS 11 and PilotsTech device report updating to IOS 11.0.2 resolved the issue.

Some users who have upgraded to IOS 11 have reported issues with connecting to their WiFi based AIS pilot plugs. IOS 11 is a major software release for Apple and includes many changes. We understand that Apple is actively working to address the many issues that have arisen in this release.

We normally find that the Apple IOS updates usually are quite reliable and do not cause issues. As a general rule, however, recommended best practice is to not update to new IOS releases on your iPad immediately after the release. For IOS 11, we recommend not updating at all until Apple has stabilized the release further and these issues are resolved.

To our knowledge, the issue is one of compatibility between IOS 11 and the AIS WiFi devices. We are not aware of any way in which SEAiq is contributing or causing the problem. No changes have been made to SEAiq networking in the recent past.

Important: please email us the results (positive/negative) of following the suggestions in this document. This will help us to update the recommendations as we have more information.

Affected Devices

Only some iPad users appear to be affected by this issue. We have received confirmation from many IOS users that they have upgraded to IOS 11 and not had any issues.

  • Most of the reports have been users with PilotsTech AW2016 devices and similar models. PilotsTech indicates that the issue with their devices may be limited to older models.
  • We have received one report of issues with some Trelleborg CAT ROT. Trelleborg has indicated they have received any problem reports (as of 28 Sept 2017).


Reports of issues include the following types of symptoms:

  • iPad is unable to connect to WiFi network
  • Connection to WiFi network seems unstable
  • WiFi network password has to be repeatedly re-entered

Possible Resolutions and Best Practices

Below are possible steps to resolve the issues. Some of these were recommended/approved by PilotsTech for addressing problems with their devices.

  • For users who have not upgraded to IOS 11, we recommend not doing so and staying at the current release until these issues are resolved. We will post here when we believe it is appropriate to upgrade to IOS 11.
  • If you have upgraded to IOS 11, it is normally not possible to downgrade to an earlier version of IOS, because of how Apple security/installation/upgrade works. Apple has already started making patch releases (currently IOS 11.0.2) and if you continue to have issues, you may choose to update to those since they should normally only improve the situation. We can not make guarantees about IOS patch release updates and there is the possibility that IOS patch release could cause a regression.
    • Go to IOS Settings / General / Software Update
    • If update is available, select to download and then install it.
  • "Forget" and then rejoin your AIS Plug WiFi network.
    • Go to IOS Settings / Wifi.
    • Find your devices network and select it.
    • Press Forget This Network.
    • Restart your device.
    • Go to IOS Settings / WiFi.
    • Select your network and reenter WiFi password (if needed).
    • Run SEAiq and test if the problem persists.
  • Reset your IOS Network Settings. Note that this option may cause you to lose various networks you have configured and require you to re-enter passwords for those networks.
    • Go to IOS Settings / General / Reset. Accept the confirmation.
    • Restart your device.
    • Go to IOS Settings / WiFi.
    • Select your network and reenter WiFi password (if needed).
    • Run SEAiq and test if the problem persists.
  • Change to using "manual" network configuration with your pilot plug. The instructions below are PilotsTech AW2016 devices. Other devices may need a different IP Address and Subnet Mask settings.
    • Go to IOS Settings / Wifi.
    • Find your devices network and select it.
    • Choose Configure IP.
    • Choose Manual.
    • For IP Address, enter
    • For Subnet Mask, enter
    • Verify you have entered the above settings exactly as given.
    • Restart your device.
    • Run SEAiq and test if the problem persists.
    To change back to Automatic you can use the Forget this Device instructions to reset the settings.
  • Purchase a new PilotsTech device. PilotsTech has indicated that the affected devices may be limited to older ones and newer ones may not be affected.