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SEAiq Software Development Kit

SEAiq is widely adopted in both the professional and recreational marine markets. Our SDK allows simple creation of powerful marine applications and supports all major platforms and form factors, from 3in/8cm smart phones to 30in/80cm+ desktop displays.

Charts: Vector, Raster, and Overlays

Supports all major chart formats, including S-57, S-63, iENC, and BSB/KAP. All charts are rendered by the SEAiq high performance graphics engine. SEAiq Pilot displays chart overlays in a variety of formats, including GRIB files, SHAPE files, Autocad DXF files, and various forms of bathymetric ENCs. Automatic chart download/update for NOAA/USACoE (USA), Admiralty (UKHO), PRIMAR, and ChartWorld.

Support for All Major Platforms

  • Apple iPhone and iPad: IOS 8.0 or later
  • Android phones and tablets: ARM based and version 15 or later
  • Microsoft Windows laptops, desktops, and tablets: Windows 7 or later, 64-bit
  • Apple OS X: laptops and desktops: 10.11 or later
  • Linux: any modern Linux based system

Support for All Form Factors

  • Supports both touch and pointer based operation.
  • Smart Phone: iPhone and Android
  • Tablet: iPad Air, iPad Pro, Android, Microsoft Windows
  • Laptop: Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux
  • Desktop: Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, Linux

Includes Source Code for Complete Applications

Our SDK includes source code for sample applications for all platform. The applications include all features in the commercially available SEAiq products and are readily customizable through XML files or extended by editing source code.

High Performance Graphics

Our SDK provides high performance graphics with impressive redraw times with IHO S-52 support. It utilizes proprietary graphics shader programs that are downloaded directly to graphics processing units (GPU). This means complex rendering is done directly by the GPU. Rendering uses native Direct3D on Windows; other platforms use either OpenGLES2 or OpenGL4+.

Comprehensive Features

  • Routes & waypoints: unlimited waypoints and routes, visual per-segment cross-track-distance (XTD), turning radius (smooth turns), speed limits, meeting points, and restricted areas.
  • AIS: complete AIS implementation including true-scale vessel display, multiple AIS data connections (WiFi, cellular, Bluetooth), graphical CPA, aids-to-navigation, environmental stations and more.
  • Tides and Currents: support for variety of tides and currents, including predictions using integrated harmonics engine, online real-time sensor, and downloadable tide/current predictions. Support for automatic station tracking and dynamic chart update.
  • And many more: alarms, anchor monitor, weather display, docking modes, predicted vessel position, satellite imagery, ActiveCaptain, simulator, ...


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