Notice: iPad/iPhone WiFi Issues

If you are using IOS 14 or later on your iPad/iPhone and experiencing problems connecting to WiFi devices, please see these Instructions.

SEAiq Pilot runs on all major platforms and supports all pilot plugs and PPU devices.

Supported Tablets, Smart Phones, Laptops, and Desktops

SEAiq Pilot is the only cross-platform software for pilots.

all platforms

Apple iPad and iPhone (IOS)

Apple MacOS

  • Price: US$399.99 or Enterprise Subscription
  • Purchase SEAiq Pilot directly from the Apple MacOS App store; contact us directly if you have an Enterprise Subscription.
  • Version: MacOS 11 (Big Sur) or later
  • Supported devices: All MacOS laptops, desktops, and server products running MacOS.
  • PPU Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth.

Microsoft Windows

  • Price: Only available with Enterprise Subscription. Contact us directly.
  • Version: Microsoft Windows 10 or later.
  • Processor: 64-bit Intel x86.
  • Important: Microsoft Surface Pro tablets with Intel® Core™ i5/i7 processors are supported. Surface Pro X tablets with Microsoft® SQ1 or SQ2™ processors are not supported.
  • PPU Connectivity: WiFi and Bluetooth.

Panama Canal Authority Non-Portable Pilot Units

The Panama Canal Authority is requires larger vessels transiting the canal to install a Non-Portable Pilot Unit (NPPU) which meets their specifications. The NPPU specification is supported by SEAiq. Currently available devices include:

Portable Pilot Units

When aboard a vessel, pilots will normally use a device to acquire position of the vessel and AIS data for nearby vessels. PPU units vary a great deal along a wide range of factors, however they can be split into 2 general types: AIS Pilot Plugs and Advanced PPU's.

Important: Because of lack of Apple certification, Apple iPads and iPhones in general cannot connect to Bluetooth AIS Pilot Plugs.

AIS Pilot Plugs

AIS Pilot Plugs connect to a standard ship's pilot plug port, read the port's data and transmit it via WiFi or Bluetooth to SEAiq. SEAiq supports all AIS Pilot Plugs, including those from the manufacturers listed below. These devices provide access to all navigation data available on the pilot plug.

Some devices supplement data from the pilot plug with additional sensors such as Rate-of-Turn (ROT) (which addresses poor quality ROT sensor many vessels have) or a backup GPS in case the vessel position is incorrect.

  • Cenkin. The PILOT CENKIN® AIS Pilot Plug comes in both bluetooth and WiFi models. They work on all supported platforms. Note that Apple iPad and iPhones do not support bluetooth pilot plugs.
  • Navicom Dynamics GyroPilot. This product includes a built-in gyro to provide ROT. It also has a backup GPS in case the vessel GPS is not operating.
  • PilotsTech. The AW2016 is a WiFi model that will work with SEAiq on all supported platforms. The KSN55-C is a stand-alone receiver (no pilot plug required) with built-in ROT and GNSS.
  • AD Navigation ADQ-2. This product includes a built-in gyro to provide ROT.
  • TRENZ Pilot Plug. Support includes reporting battery level and other detailed diagnostics reported by the devices. This product includes a built-in gyro to provide ROT.
  • Digital Yacht.
  • Bowditch Navigation: The Revolve has an integrated ROT sensor independent of ships gyro. This product uses Bluetooth and so is only supported on Windows and MacOS.

Advanced PPUs

Advanced PPU's provide additional data such as hi-resolution GPS position sensors. These improve on the quality of electronics for many vessels and in some cases allow the pilot to be completely self-contained (not rely on vessel for any sensor data).