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Free 30-day Trial

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SEAiq Pilot is widely adopted in major ports and pilotage areas around the world. Our Enterprise Subscription is for organizations that desire premium support, extensive customization, and advanced features for their pilots.

Premium Support

The most important benefit of the Enterprise Subscription is premium support. We give your questions, comments, and issues top priority so they can be quickly resolved. The Enterprise Subscription is the only way to purchase support for SEAiq Pilot.

Simple Billing

Purchasing apps for lots of devices can create a lot of trouble, with reimbursing your pilots for their purchase from various app stores. With the Enterprise Subscription, you receive one bill quarterly for all your users. You do not need to reimburse your Pilots for their separate software purchases. We provide an easy to use account management web server so you can update your list of users at any time. Pricing is only US$30/month per pilot.

Multiple Devices / Multiple Platforms

Each pilot can use SEAiq Pilot on all their laptops, tablets, and smart phones. SEAiq Pilot now runs on Apple iPads and iPhones, Microsoft Window (64-bit, Windows 7 or later), and Apple MacOS laptops. Pilots benefit from the larger display on their laptop when planning; they can use their tablet while aboard; and they can have an Apple phone in their pocket for quick reference. All of these have the same software and data can be easily moved between your devices using powerful export/import features.


With an Enterprise Subscription you can edit all our menus to display only the settings you use. Menus can be edited item-by-item or eliminated by entire sub-menu. Pilots can create their own Quick Settings tab that list the features they most often use, in an easy to access tab. We can offer additional customization on request.

Advanced Chart Overlays

SEAiq Pilot can display chart overlays in a variety of formats, including SHAPE files, Autocad DXF files, and various forms of bathymetric ENCs. Support for these formats requires an Enterprise Subscription.

Tides and Currents

SEAiq includes support for tides and currents. In the USA and Canada, we offer support for downloading official tide/current data that can later be displayed, even while offline. Tides for Norway, parts of Germany, and Australia are available with a connection to the internet. Support for tides/currents requires an Enterprise Subscription.


Download our Enterprise Subscription datasheet.