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Important: iPad/iPhone users and IOS 11

Some users who have upgraded to IOS 11 report trouble connecting to WiFi devices. It is not clear the cause of the issue and it appears only some users are affected. We will post updates here as we learn more. Until we announce otherwise, we recommend all SEAiq users remain with their current version of IOS and not upgrade to IOS 11. For more information please visit this page.

SEAiq Pilot is the only multi-platform piloting solution, with support for all major platforms and all pilot plugs and PPU devices. It combines a complete set of piloting features with unparalleled easy-of-use.


SEAiq Pilot is packed with powerful features intended for use by professional Pilots.

Enterprise Subscription

We recommend organizations adopting SEAiq Pilot purchase our Enterprise Subscription. An Enterprise Subscription is the only way to purchase support for SEAiq Pilot.

Supported Platforms

SEAiq Supports all major platforms, including Apple iPads/iPhones, Apple MacOS, Android Tablets and Phones, and Microsoft Windows.

Recreational Mariners

We offer versions of SEAiq for use by recreational mariners. Many of the same powerful capabilities at a lower price.

Software Development Kit

We now offer a cross-platform Software Development Kit for use by other vendors and OEM partners.

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