New Feature: Waterway Guide

Waterway Guide content is now available as a chart overlay within the SEAiq app. Waterway Guide utilizes their extensive user base, large network of on-the-water editors, and full-time staff to provide up-to-date and accurate content for safe and informed travel along the waterways. Marinas, anchorages, navigation alerts, bridges and locks for the Eastern U.S., Canada, Bahamas, and Cuba are now available for offline access.

Important: ActiveCaptain

We are informed on May 23, 2018 Garmin will make incompatible changes to the ActiveCaptain server. After this date, the current ActiveCaptain data will continue to work in SEAiq. However, no further updates will be available for download. We recommend users sync offline data on their devices before the May 23 cut-off. We are considering updating SEAiq support for ActiveCaptain but do not have definite plans yet.


Purchase from App Store

Customers who want to purchase SEAiq Pilot from one of the various app stores can do so using the links in the side bar. For Microsoft Windows, SEAiq Pilot is only available as part of an Enterprise Subscription.

Download for Enterprise Subscription

Customers with an Enterprise Subscription may download SEAiq Pilot using the link below. These require an Enterprise Subscription in order to fully activate.

Without the subscription, most of the settings are disabled. You can download and display free charts for USA, both vector and raster.

As part of your Enterprise Subscription account creation, you will receive an email with an account activation file attached to it. You will need this file in order to complete your installation and we recommend saving this email in case you need it later.

Downloads for Testers

We make pre-release software available for users interested in testing new features. These are free downloads, but require an Enterprise Subscription account in order to use.

For active testers that stay up to date with our test versions and provide regular feedback, we may be able to provide a complimentary Enterprise Subscription account.

Test versions of SEAiq will appear to be separate from the release versions. This is intended to allow testers to have both a official release and a pre-release.

Please find these downloads here. Follow the same instructions as above.