Important: ChartWorld Charts

If you are having trouble with ChartWorld charts, please see ChartWorld troubleshooting

Important: iPad/iPhone IOS 14

If you are using IOS 14 and experiencing problems connecting to WiFi devices, please see these Instructions.

ChartWorld Charts


As of 1 May 2021, ChartWorld customers must have their S-63 User Permit registered with ChartWorld in order for charts to be used in SEAiq. If you are having trouble with ChartWorld charts, please check that your Settings / S-63 Charts / User Permit is registered in your ChartWorld account as ENC User permit or ENC User permit / Backup.

Detailed Steps

See detailed steps listed below. If you have any issues, contact Please provide as much information as possible, including the steps you have completed successfully and what specifically appears to not be working.

  1. In SEAiq:
    1. Go to Settings / IHO S-63 Charts.
    2. If User Permit is “Unregistered” then press Register button (must be connected to the internet).
    3. Make a note of the User Permit.
  2. In web browser:
    1. Go to
    2. Login to your account.
    3. Copy your User Permit from SEAiq into "ENC User Permit" or "ENC User Permit / Backup"
  3. In SEAiq:
    1. Go to Settings / ChartWorld Charts.
    2. Press Update button.
    3. You should now have permits for your installation.

For further information (including additional troubleshooting) please see