New Feature: Waterway Guide

Waterway Guide content is now available as a chart overlay within the SEAiq app. Waterway Guide utilizes their extensive user base, large network of on-the-water editors, and full-time staff to provide up-to-date and accurate content for safe and informed travel along the waterways. Marinas, anchorages, navigation alerts, bridges and locks for the Eastern U.S., Canada, Bahamas, and Cuba are now available for offline access.

Important: ActiveCaptain

We are informed on May 23, 2018 Garmin will make incompatible changes to the ActiveCaptain server. After this date, the current ActiveCaptain data will continue to work in SEAiq. However, no further updates will be available for download. We recommend users sync offline data on their devices before the May 23 cut-off. We are considering updating SEAiq support for ActiveCaptain but do not have definite plans yet.

Apple iPad and iPhone (IOS)


Download SEAiq Pilot from the Apple iTunes Store.

If you have purchased SEAiq Pilot VPP, you can use that for your Enterprise Subscription. Just follow the instructions below with SEAiq Pilot VPP instead of SEAiq Pilot.

Activate Enterprise Account

Activate your Enterprise account by opening the email you received from us in the Apple Mail app. (Viewing the email in Mobile Safari web browser will not work.) Long-press on the account activation file that was attached. Choose the Copy to SEAiq Pilot or the Open In option and select SEAiq Pilot. Then switch to SEAiq Pilot and press the Import button next to the file.

If you use Google's Gmail app to read email, you can follow the steps above, except you should should open the activation file attachment, then press the Export (box with upward arrow) button to copy to SEAiq Pilot.


If you use charts from NOAA, PRIMAR, or Chartworld, you can use the built-in chart download and update features. If you have your own chart files, you can install them by using the instructions in the Help on the SEAiq Files tab.