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Trelleborg (formerly Marimatech)

CAT ROT v2 and CAT I

This only applies to version 2 of the CAT ROT and CAT I devices.

SEAiq Pilot has full support for Trelleborg CAT ROT v2 and CAT I devices. Support includes display of battery status, firmware level, and GPS Satellite listings.

Firmware 1.3.0

Version 1.3.0 is the current recommended firmware for use with Trelleborg CAT ROT v2 and CAT I devices. There are no known issues when using SEAiq Pilot with these devices. This firmware update addresses the "network hopping" issue in v1.2.0.

Firmware 1.2.0

In recent firmware update (v1.2.0), Trelleborg changed the network configuration for the CAT I device. To support 1.2.0 and CAT I, you must have SEAiq Pilot v4.0.0 or later and an Enterprise Subscription. See configuration information in our documentation.

Users have reported issues with Trelleborg devices running 1.2.0 "hopping networks" when passing vessels with Trelleborg devices. The recommended solution is to configure each set of CAT ROT and CAT I devices to use unique WiFi network names. Contact Trelleborg support for the required documentations and configuration utility.